You never see people on tv talking about how they never read books.

In Hank Steuver's review of Thursday's live episode of "30 Rock" on NBC, he goes on at some length about the 'meta' aspect of the enterprise - how the show is a show about a show and how the jokes often curl back in on themselves, and how the last shot featured a character asking if they were still on the air. "In that moment," Steuver writes, "meta became more meta than meta ever was."

And then, when his review went up on the site, it became even a little bit more meta. 

One commenter wrote:

Never saw this show. I feel sorry for people who waste their time with tv.

Well, of course you do. After all, you could be doing much more important work, like, I don't know, reading articles about things that don't interest you and then taking the time to comment about them. Why not weigh in and share your thoughts on the mating techniques of drosophila melanogaster while you're at it, or are you already busy commenting elsewhere about the weather in some place you've never visited?

Another commenter, whose political leanings we might deduce from his username - TheChileanPresidentIsMuchBetterRespondingToDisastersThanObama - shares in the disappointment the previous commenter feels about the rest of us:
It is kind of sad that some people watch so much TV and really get into it such as this writer does. I read instead. I work to improve my station in life, not zone out. I wish more Post readers did as well. It's kind of sad.

Maybe it is sad that some people watch as much tv as they do, ChileanblahblahObama. Steuver, especially, must be distressed - after all, you were able to concisely express your opinions about television even though you apparently watch little or none, and here poor Hank can't even do his job without it.

Now that's meta.