An article about Hayley Wickenheiser's efforts to convince the legendary Russian hockey great Vladislav Tretiak - now the president of that country's hockey federation - to do something to improve the state of women's hockey there has generated comments on the Globe and Mail's website.

They're not informed comments or even half-intelligent comments, or, for that matter, in some cases, even on-topic comments, but, hey, let's not let the perfect become the enemy of the good, right?

RG2 sees the whole idea as a waste and an imposition.
Yay! lets sink mor emoney into women's hockey. Lets force people to watch an unwatchable sport. Lets force girls to play a boys' game.

"Force people to watch"? Sweet Jesus on a hockey stick, we can't even force RG2 to read an 800-word article. And "force girls to play a boys' game"? Do you really want to go there, RG2? Strictly speaking, it's not a boys' game, but I think I could be easily persuaded to watch one in which you would stand naked in front of a net while a long line of my most feminist women friends voluntarily - eagerly, even - skate to the top of the faceoff circle and shoot pucks at your nuts.

And while RG2 was busy fulminating against the Russians, or the women, or Russian women or who-knows-what, really, another reader reminded us that it's bigger than just women's hockey: It's about the pro game, and politics, and...

It's really about The Holocaust.

I mean, obviously, right?

Liberals are Nazis wrote:

NHL Sponsors:

*Budweiser (Austria)-Funded the start up of Adolph Hitlers Nazi Germany

*Seimens (Germany)-Built the Gas Chambers that murdered million of jews and gays.

*Bayer-Munich (Germany)-‘Asprin’ Designed the actual gas that killed millions of jews and gays.

Canadian kids are now being brainwashed into idolizing these German Euro-Socialist wannabe dictators.


Lest we forget

I suppose I should feel a little bit sorry for the poor dumb fuck: when his paranoia spirals out of control and turns into the throbbing headaches that feel like a thousand Knebelwerfers firing inside his head, the stupid son of a bitch can't even take an "Asprin" without becoming complicit in one of the single largest hockey-related genocides of modern times.

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