Angry Comments Jeopardy

It's time for Angry Comments Jeopardy! You all know how the game works: I'll present a selection of comments from readers of a major online news site and you need to ask me what it is they're talking about. As regular viewers will know, this can be tricky, as often even the commenters don't know.

Let's go straight to the first batch of comments!

matism1 wrote:
Filthy. Maggot. Pigs.

vze425s8 wrote:
I am saddened by the people responding with support for this unconstitutional intrusion on our liberty.... [M]ore and more of this SOFT TYRANNY will surely destroy a FREE nation.

Realist20 wrote:
The Obama socialist agenda pushes on... Is there no limit to his hubris?

lrm021054 wrote:
TO THE GOVERNMENT: Stop it - Why should ALL have to be affected? Oh, that's right - Obama and his gang are, baby step by baby step, transforming this country into a socialistic state: GOVERNMENTAL OWNERSHIP and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
Just add this to the list of: ObamaHealthCare,ObamaAutomobiles,ObamaMortgages,ObamaCollegeLoans,etc.

Everyone - Please, WAKE UP. Let your elected officials know how unhappy you are with changes being made by this administration. VOTE IN NOVEMBER AND 2012 - Our Democratic Republic and our Freedoms are slipping away day by day.

To Everyone that wants a Socialistic Government - leave this country and move to Europe.

jcp370 wrote:

Anyone? No? I'm not surprised you didn't get that question; it was a bit of a tough one. It was, "What are readers' reactions to a report in the Washington Post that the Food and Drug Administration would like to begin over the next ten years to limit how much salt can be added to processed foods in an attempt to prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease?"

You say "potato," I say "potattoo."

A Nova Scotia court has ruled dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Dartmouth woman, saying that because Amy Ullock failed to correct a spelling mistake in a tattoo she wanted on her arm she is responsible for the error, reports CBC News. 

As I write this, the story has prompted 250 comments. It would be fair to say that many of the commenters would have their claims against the tattoo parlour similarly dismissed.

pismo t clam:
caveat imptor
That is to funny!!!
Could be worse. She could have wanted "I am imortal" and they dropped the "t"...
I think the court should tell the guy who applied tatoo to his customer to go back to School to Learn how to spell.
Take English lesson Before you open the shop.
Sentient Human (disagreeing with an earlier comment):
Au contrare...Stupid is everywhere!
Somehow, I suspect that bit of tattoed text "You're so Beautiful" says much about the mentality of it's recepient.
I am surprised that either the person getting the tatoo or the tattoo"artist" ever realized the mistake.
Spelling is not a big thing with people who would do either!
sounds like she is pretty hung up on herself-to bad she can't spell
If she doesn't want to take the time to make sure what she is paying for is what she wants then its her own fault. If the artist showed her the stencil it was up to her to say weather or not that was what she wanted.

And everyone else* spelled it tatoo.

* Okay, not everyone.