Deny thy name.

Anonymous wrote:
What utter useless trailer trash. The parents should be sterilized.

Name withheld opined, too, but whatever he or she wrote must have gone somewhat further than Anonymous' suggestion:
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Why such bile?

Blame Argyll, Bison, Boss, Chaos, Cherubim, Dice, Helix, Kal-El, Lightning, Morpheous, Mystery, Thunder, Whip, Costello, Ledger, Obama, Sutherland, Albertarose, Amazyn, Comfort, Epic, Fury, Fyre, Halleluya, Infiniti, Mischiefs, Mystique, Peanut, Twinkle, Victory, Whysper, Phoenix, Feenix, Pheenix, Phoeniks, Phoenyx, Lincoln, Lincon, Linkon, Linkyn and Lynkyn. And, of course, Ericlindross.

Actually, that's unfair. They're just 42 little kids. Of the 51,000 babies born in Alberta in 2009 - a record for the province - there are some with unusual names. That's why some members of the commentator class are eager to blame the children's parents for giving them names like that. And then, you know, sterilize the parents and give the kids away to strangers.
there should be an IQ test before parents are allowed to leave the hospital. whats the babies name? Truck? sorry but this is an intervention we are putting this kid up for adoption.....
A person who commented on another version of the story even saw an opportunity to create jobs:
The government should have two people reviewing each name: a registrar to record valid names, and someone from social services to take the babies away from some of these weirdos.

Ironically, every commenter quoted above posted anonymously. Could they be ashamed of their own names? We'll never know.

O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene II

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