She can reuse this the next time there's an earthquake in Kyrgyzstan, too.

Commenter "MadameMorticia" seems about ready to throw in the towel on a certain earthquake-devasted country that's in the news recently:
How can we help Haity? Most of us cannot. If we donate our money to some "charity", we'll just end up getting scammed, giving our money away to greedy people who will use it to enrich themselves - very little of that money will actually make it's way to Haity. I don't believe in giving to organized charity (well, money anyway). We can't all go down there and literally do stuff, bring stuff. How could I get away from my "job" which requires my attendance 8.5 hours per day, 5 days per week (where completion of my daily assigned workload takes 30 minutes of those 8 hours). We can't bring stuff, what, is there an airline that would fly me, my shovel and work clothes, garbage bags full of clothes and non-perishable food, down there free of charge? Hahahah!

It's difficult to help Haity.

So, to enumerate some of the problems:
  1. Charities are scams.
  2. Not enough work to do at job, but unable to take time off.
  3. Airlines unwilling to fly her, her shovels and garbage bags of clothes and food for free.
And let's not forget, we can't help Haiti until we learn to spell Haiti.

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