The Grandoise Plans Of The Nouveau Riche.

So a guy in Maryland is digging up the paperwork to pay the next installment on his truck insurance and finds a six-month-old lottery ticket he bought when he paid the previous installment on his truck insurance. Good news: the ticket's a $250,000 winner.

A feel-good story that makes everyone happy, right?

Sure, thought a commenter called "Sai Hundal".
Good for him, what a nice Christmas Gift. God works in mysterious ways.

Oh, great. That's just great. Here we effin' go. 

As Neil Armstrong once said, "That's one little, harmless expression of satisfaction for another person, one giant storm of argument about the existence (or not) of God." The next hundred and ninety comments included thirty-eight so inflammatory that they were deleted by the Good News Network's editors. 

A week later, after the latest skirmish in The Internet Crusades has died down, commenter "NYCBBEAN" spots the real villain in the story: the un-named lottery winner.
$250K - I wonder how much he thinks he's going to get after taxes etc? Seems like he has grandoise plans to me
It would appear that in addition to not knowing how to spell "grandiose," NYCBBEAN doesn't know what the word means:

"With his winnings, [the winner] said he plans to donate to a charity, help family, invest and take a vacation."

Maybe the gentleman from Maryland should consider hiring NYCBBEAN to bring a little sanity to his imminent spending spree.

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