A blog in which the old saying about opinions and assholes is demonstrated.

"What's on your 'alleged' mind?" is a question a friend and former coworker of mine asks when he senses the person he's speaking to is about to say something - I don't want to say stupid, exactly - that doesn't reflect well on the speaker's intellect.

I use that question here in a different sense: here, I do want to use the word stupid. It's a word that accurately describes the stuff you'll read in this blog, which is a collection of comments that readers have appended to stories on the websites of various online media organizations. It's kind of sad, really, in that stupid is probably the kindest thing one can say of much of the commentary. Too much of it is also bilious, ignorant, vitriolic, xeno-, homo-, techno- and anyotherkindophobic you might think of, not to mention several flavours of things you might not think of.

So let's follow the news as it's seen through the eyes of a large number of people with terrifically small brains, long lists of things which offend them, houses full of fears and paranoia, and no small collections of axes to grind, shall we?

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