Activist Judges On The Darwin Awards Bench

A California couple who robbed a cash advance store in Colorado was caught when employees provided to police the job application one of them had filled out two months previously.

Christine Drummond and Joseph Nieto told the arresting officers they'd held up the place to get enough money to get back to California and spend Christmas with their children.

Commenter "filterfish" was sufficiently impressed to start handing out the hardware:

And the Darwin award goes to....Christine Drummond!!

To which I say: hey there, tiger, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The governing body describes itself as "A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises Honoring those who improve the species... [sic] by accidentally removing themselves from it," and Ms. Drummond is still a member of the species. She's even had kids: she's actually done her bit to perpetuate the characteristics that got her arrested.

What I'm saying, filterfish, is that by surviving and having children, she's the exact opposite of a Darwin Awards candidate. Sure, she's not very bright, but if everyone who said or did something stupid got a Darwin Award, Ms. Drummond would be in fine company.

Yours and mine, for example.

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